The big casino houses and online casinos know roulette is such a popular game, they use this knowledge and giving the roulette game bigger space at their casinos. Surveys made in the recent years on gambling habit on the net showed that the most players play online at the roulette and the rest of the games like blackjack, slots and poker stays far behind.

Some online casinos offered recently a new online roulette experience: a live dealer roll the roulette wheel and announcing the winning number. This new option improves the feeling of reality at the online casinos, you can see how the game is running live and you don't need to trust at scripts and software, just you and the dealer one on one.

What the future holds for roulette games? No one really knows, but if it will continue gaining popularity as it is now only the sky will be the limit. Meanwhile you can sit at the computer and play or go to a real casino to try your luck and the most important thing is to enjoy as much as you can.

If you're looking for a roulette casino where you can play classic roulette games or even poker games you should check out the poker guide listed on our website.

Grambling Takes Hold of the Middle-Class
04 August 2007

Although there undoubtedly will be periodic swings in the public's acceptance of gambling, the pendulum is unlikely to move far enough to cast serious doubts on gambling's legitimacy. Gambling is firmly established as an American recreational activity, and its revenue contributions to government entities have been institutionalized.
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Professional Gamblers as Legitimate Businessmen
05 June 2007

By permitting and taxing gaming, California recognized professional gamblers as legitimate businessmen. Chevaliers d'industrie flocked to the state from other parts of the United States, from gaming houses in France and Latin America, and from the betting dens of China.
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