Atlantic City Hilton Caters to Asian Customers

The Atlantic City Hilton caters to gamblers such as Lorna Chen, a loyal customer, who prefers to come to Atlantic City solely to gamble. Lorna and others in the Asian demographic have been critical to the casino's rejuvenation.

The beef brisket and tendon lunch special at the Atlantic City Hilton casino here is prepared in such a way that reminds Lorna Chen of her native China.

According to the figures which were released by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission last Monday, the Atlantic City Hilton was the only one among the dozen casinos to post a 14 percent revenue gain for the month of June. The casino has also had the highest year-to-date growth in gross gambling revenue, 21 percent, far ahead of the second-place Showboat at 11.6 percent and Harrah's at 10 percent.

The Atlantic City Hilton's success with Asian gamblers hasn't gone unnoticed. Other casinos are aggressively going after them. The Trump Taj Mahal will open its new Asian pit today and a noodle bar next Friday.

25 years ago, mogul Steve Wynn built the boutique casino in the Atlanic City Hilton and called it the Golden Nugget. It has the smallest gambling floor and it is the city's second-smallest hotel. It is still producing big revenue increases even though it doesn't generate the kind of traffic than other gambling palace, like Caesars and Bally's which is both in the center of the Boardwalk.

In terms of property, the Sands is the smallest casino in Atlantic City and has the fewest hotel rooms. But the Hilton has the smallest gambling floor, measuring 20,000-square-foot, makeing the Hilton's revenue figures even more impressive.

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